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"The editor hired an editor this week. Well, actually, I hired a proofreader and she did an excellent job of ferreting out all of my misuses of the English language, spacing and punctuation problems and she pointed out some of my less-than-professional writing habits. I learned a lot from this proofreader/secretary/editor this week and I want to sing her praises.

If your book is about ready for publication, do yourself a favor--don't proceed until Bonnie Myhrum has done her magic. She's thorough, she's professional and I think her rates are reasonable. Proofreading by Bonnie is definitely an investment worth making in your almost-perfect book."

Patricia Fry, Editor, Writer
President of

"Bonnie Myhrum of Professional Secretary, LLC is very professional, efficient and accurate.  Her editing qualities are very important for our business.  As an Internet Company, we do Custom Designed Websites for businesses, organizations and professionals.  If we produced a site that was full of misspellings and grammar errors, it would make us and our clients look bad. 

We have been using Bonnie's services for the past 5 years.  We are so happy that we found Bonnie.  Now we just email her a website to edit and she has it edited and back to us very quickly.  It has made our lives much easier and our clients very happy."

Laurie Gabrys, President
LR Associates, Inc.

"As a professional secretary you are the rare exception. I especially appreciated the way in which you communicated with me before making changes. It gave me the feeling that you were really working on 'my' book. The proofreading in addition to formatting was a real bonus, which was unexpected.  Your skills are unquestionable and I plan to have you review and format everything that I write in the future.  I would advise anyone who writes to utilize your services to make their work look more professional.  Ebook writers would greatly benefit from what you do. The side benefit is the pleasure of working with someone with such a pleasant personality."

Etta K. Brown, Author of Learning Disabilities: Understanding the Problem, Managing the Challenges


Bonnie Myhrum

Bonnie Myhrum, owner of Professional Secretary, LLC, has over 20 years of experience as a secretary and will complete your project on time.  She will not take on a project that she cannot complete in the time allotted.

Bonnie has experience creating documents of many kinds using Microsoft™ Word® or WordPerfect®, and creating spreadsheets using Excel®.  She has designed newsletters, brochures, directories and flyers for a variety of businesses at prices below those of a graphic designer.

Bonnie is available as your Virtual Assistant, on either a one-time or a regular weekly or monthly basis.  It's Virtually up to you.

          Mission Statement

What I do best is help with your paperwork so you have time to do what YOU do best.

"If taking care of business is causing your distress, you need a secretary - it's time to call or email) P.S.!"

"Bonnie does fantastic work. After the premier issue of "The Artisan's Well" magazine was published in 2008, I asked Bonnie to look it over with an editor's eye for me.  She did this free of charge and when I saw the results, I hired her on the spot.  She even gave me advice on layout and design, which helped to improve the quality of the publication.  Her approach toward editing is completely unbiased, she does not judge the work, just edits it, unless you ask.  Bonnie is the final authority on the written word. Two thumbs up!!"

---Mark J. Davio, Publisher of The Artisan's Well, Plymouth, MI

Professional Secretary offers Virtual Office Assistance in all of the following areas, plus many more.
     Editing Services
Excel® Databases
Word Processing 
      Typing Services
Content for: Articles, Magazines, Advertising, Newsletters and Websites
Term Papers
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Editing Manuscripts

Editing a manuscript for sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and spelling may seem an unnecessary expense, but it is of utmost importance if you want to be taken seriously as a writer. Call me for a quote.

Proofreading Manuscripts

Have your manuscript proofread when it's ready to go to the printer. You may think it's in perfect, ready-to-go condition, but chances are good that I will find spacing errors, typos and incorrect punctuation.

Ask about my discount on proofreading for members of SPAWN!

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Editing and Proofreading

It's unwise to proofread what you have typed, because you will see what you expect to see. When you send a less-than-perfect document to your customer, you aren't presenting your business in a professional manner. If you email or fax your document to P.S., I will edit and/or proofread for typographical, punctuation and grammatical errors and for content if you desire. I proofread Websites in addition to all other documents.

Database Setup in Excel®

Give me your business cards or contact list and I'll create a database you can sync to your PDA or phone. You also can use the database to create mail merged letters and other documents.

Other areas, please contact me.
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